Hello people !

I've made a, well, big update to the website. It should now run much faster ! Also, consider those little additions :

  • You can now search any Red Post directly using that little box above.

  • You can now view a list of all Rioters and their latest post here.

  • LoD now collects Red Posts from the PBE Boards !

  • I can now fetch Red Posts from the past (until the Boards Migration, back in September 2013). Those Red Posts aren't there yet as the script would take roughly a full day to complete (them are a lot of Red Posts). Plus Riot's API for Red Posts is broken right now, and I shall wait till it's fixed so I can recover non-broken data.

  • A lot of bugs were fixed. That's nice. I love finding bugs.

Next update should bring a little panel for each Rioter. I'm going away for the next few days so I wished to make this update now !

See you later~!