Hello there fellow leprechauns.

I updated LoD with Neeko and the new assets for champion reworks since Pyke release.

And... Huh... might as well copy it from Github.

*Hi lovely person who happen to read those lines. I have a message for you.

I quit playing LoL a few months back, I think my last game was early August. I have no plan to come back playing, however I will keep updating League of Designs with new champions. There will probably never be any "trend" page which I had planned a while ago. I have another, much, much more important project in the works.

I had a lot of fun playing for 7 years. I saw many, many friends leave. It's my turn now. I bear no regret neither about playing non-stop for so long nor quitting. LoL is wonderful. (I dedicate that message to Solphys in particular, I hope you're doing OK my friend.)

Worlds 2018 was absolutely stunning. For the first time I watched nearly every match.

Neeko's release gave me hope for Riot. We really need more DotA in LoL.

If LoL has burnt you out too, take a break. Look at the indie scene or whatever AAA game.

CertainlyT is the best designer at Riot Games.

Have a good day! See you on League of Designs. ;-* *