As you might have seen... I've worked a bit on LoD lately. The main objective has been accomplished : reworking the interface.

It's beautiful, isn't it.

I also fixed a lot of bugs in the background, so... for instance... the Rioters should update correctly now. Yes it took like one year to figure out what was wrong. You want to know what's my forte ? Not dedication to fixing stuff apparently. LUL

Anyway the next update, which will happen... later... will allow you to slice and dice the data to detect interesting trends (how many times Yasuo and nerf were mentioned together ?). We're a long way from this as a lot has to be rewritten - but hey it's cool.

Of course, I will keep updating League of Designs with new Champions and-- Note to self : Automatize that too pls

Anyway. Thanks for visiting League of Designs~!

Have a nice day. <3

Broken until next major update :

  • Champions Red Posts counter.

  • Mobile view (it's readable at best).