Greetings, gentlemen and fine ladies.

After seeing the patch notes for Quinn, I thought it was the right time to present to you my personal idea - aimed at putting the « & Valor » in « Quinn & Valor ».

Currently, Quinn enjoys a fine defined role (A lane bully that absolutely wrecks melee champions and then transitions to some kind of ranged assassin.) ; however she lacks a real identity - something that really differentiates herself from the other champions. What does Quinn & Valor bring to their team that you can't find somewhere else ? Most of her « Valor capabilities » are loosely included in her spells - Valor marks enemies, Quinn throws Valor, Valor reveals the area, but it barely cuts it : it feels like Quinn is alone doing the job and Valor a mere scribble on parchement. The only time the couple shines is when Tag Team emerges out of its gigantic cooldown, and only for a short time, Valor being merely an executionner.

I have given it a bit of a thought : how could Quinn and Valor interact with more gusto ? What if Valor was a controllable unit - a familiar ? Annie will progressively tend to become the ^^Definitely ^^Not ^^A Bear Master, with a different role indeed, therefore let us think of another way to employ Valor. In her lore, Quinn is a scout, with Valor high above. She was pictured in Lissandra's sneak peak, in a cold, harsh ^^^^dark ^^^^secret environment. Could Valor have helped her finding both her target and supplies ? Heightened Senses depicts the first action. How about the second ? Can we finally add the little Valor touch Quinn deserves while maintaining her role as a lane bully ?

Of course we can. My proposal would push her even more in the « brutal lane bully » role, while providing huge windows of vulnerability and equally epic moments of utter domination. I'll describe each feature one by one, explaining my choices and what they could lead to. Keep in mind that Quinn & Valor's abilities are exactly the same (bar number tuning), including the Harrier passive.

Abstract. - While keeping Quinn's current kit, is it possible to make it so Valor feels less like an excuse for poor jokes and more like an actual ally ?

Step 1. The Idea.

  • Passive : Quinn can order Valor to go fetch items at the shop in her stead. This passive has some sort of cooldown.

For DotA afficionados :

  • Passive : We're reintroducing the concept of Couriers in the game. Just pick Quinn. (You can stop reading there, all the mechanics are essentially the same.)

Note : In the rest of this article, I will refer to the « Valor shops in your stead » action as a « transaction ».

Put simply, Quinn's got a portable shop with her so she can theorically stay in lane forever while she's being stuffed with Trinity and Blade of the Ruined Kings and wards and potions. Technically, Valor flies to the shop and back to Quinn, at which point Quinn's inventory is updated. If Quinn dies before Valor returns, the transaction is cancelled (it wouldn't be of any use anyway).

That sounds horribly broken.

It probably is, but it's what I'm trying to do. I want Quinn to be the ultimate lane bully, able to permanently leech experience while receiving goods on a regular basis. She'll be the most oppressive (top) laner in the game, period - making pre-nerf Rumble wan in fear.

The enemy shall not be notified of Valor being away, it's up to them to decipher Quinn's moves and deduce his presence - or lack thereof.

However. This passive is all but free stuff. So we should add some drawbacks too... right ?

Step 2. Dual Destinies.

  • Blinding Assault and Heightened Senses are performed at Valor's current location, and Tag Team is unavailable until Valor comes back. Vault is still available.

  • Applying Harrier on an enemy champion reduces Vault's cooldown.

  • Clarification : Harrier no longer states that « Valor marks enemies as vulnerable ». It still works but Valor's out of this. We should even change the name altogether.

Of course. Quinn is a formidable opponent... but she needs Valor. If she asks Valor to go fetch her ~~fix~~ fifth Doran's Blade, she's alone. No more GOUGE'EM VALOR. She's a frail girl in a harsh place. She has to wait for him to return to get her full kit available again. This means the enemy has time to catch up... or set up a gank. Quinn can only rely on Vault to get out of a predicament - no more Heightened Sense to see Vi coming to disassemble you or Blinding Assault to save your feathers from Trundle's jaw. Glorious moments await, of course. Your foes want to smack your butt and Valor's only a few yards away ? Hold'em, you can do it ! Just a couple seconds... and here Valor comes ! (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง ᴠᴀʟᴏʀ, ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ (ง ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)ง <;º ༽ sǫᴜᴀᴀᴋ <;º ༽

A funny addition, that concurs with those rules, is to execute Heightened Senses at the edge of « missile Valor » when Quinn casts Blinding Assault.

This is fine. However... I feel like the Scout could share its power with her allies. Oh yes, that's what I'm hinting at.

Step 3. The Hollistic Bird.

  • Quinn's allies can also request a transaction from Valor.

This is huge. In fact, it completely change the way the game is played. Quinn & Valor suddenly have toplane pour resources on other lanes without the need of Teleport + Unstoppable Force. Your midlane Cassiopeia is having trouble against Zed ? Send her an early Catalyst while she ramps up to level 6. Or... your want your friendly Zed to snowball out of control against that poor Cassiopeia ? Alright alright ! Here's your Brutalizer - don't leave your lane, just smash the snake.

From what I've stated just before, this special case is equivalent to move toplane pressure around the map. Remember that while Valor's away, Quinn is weak - out of 4 spells only 1 (Vault) still works, and it's mainly a defensive move. So your enemies will have to adapt by pressuring toplane, for instance.

Technically, Valor will go to the shop, then fly to the recipient, and finally back to Quinn.

Is it unfair ? Of course not, because...

Step 4. Counterplay.

  • Enemies can kill Valor midway to reset the transaction, further increasing the passive cooldown.

  • When « killed », Valor turns invulnerable and immediately flies back to Quinn.

To be able to shutdown Valor midway is a good incentive to counter jungle. If you shutdown Valor, not only you delay the next delivery (which may be crucial to help weak laners) but you also wrong their plan (i.e. they had planned not to go shopping 'then' thanks to Valor, but they are now forced to go themselves, leaving the lane exposed).

Counter picks also arise. Did the enemy pick Quinn ? Go ahead, pick Nunu and Consume Valor. I am yet to work out all the kinks, but ideally there should be enough openings in Valor's moves to shut him down.


While this idea may seem farfetched to a few, I believe this whole new passive achieves what Riot has strived to perform with all recent champions (well at least since ) - open new possibilities and actual uniqueness. Quinn may look fine to-day from a balance point of view but that does not make her any special. With Pizza Delivery Valor, you will have to watch out for Quinn & Valor during picks & bans, especially after slow start champions, as they can completely turn the chessboard around.

Essentially, Quinn & Valor keep their current top lane bully identity that fall off late game while providing massive map pressure and encouraging enemy map awareness. This passive also gives Quinn & Valor options to share their success in lane with the rest of her team. They can decide to deliver goods for themselves, and as such put an even stronger pressure on their lane (bypassing the necessity to teleport back to keep draining experience) ; but they can also keep the role of standard toplaners and just hold the lane and use Valor to help her allies catch up after a hard start - or have your friendly midlane Zed get a free Pickaxe at level 6 - at the expense of having an otherwise subpar toplaner (similar to the old Renekton : win lane but not much else).

« Most soldiers only rely on their weapons. Few truly rely on each other. »

~ Quinn

Time to get to work, girl.

Final notes

I have mainly insisted on the laning phase as Quinn & Valor should be laning phase Goddess & God, and it's a basic concept anyway, however the passive would be extremely beneficial during sieges for instance, or to help your jungler.

How this would look in-game in another subject ; I thought of a simple little button near Quinn & Valor's portrait which would allow one to submit a transaction using the standard Shop window. Quinn & Valor will then decide whether to honor a submitted transaction or not through a little summary panel (current inventory > new inventory, with highlights around advanced tier items). It's a job to keep track of orders so let's make it easy !

I believe some number tuning is also needed - I'm looking at you, Tag Team. I have trouble trusting a team that can only work together every 140 seconds at rank 1... Reducing Tag Team cooldown would not be so harsh, as Quinn & Valor are mana gated - so, you could buy stuff like Frozen Heart and spend more time as Valor in the middle of the fight. Just a few thoughts.

That'll be all ! I hope you enjoyed reading this little essay.

Have a nice day~!

PS : What ? Yeah Quinn needs a VU too, just leaving this here.