"All deeds are committed by Humans. Therefore, for every deed, there is a Heart." -- Willard H. Wright

What's League of Designs about ?

My name is Artemys, and this is my website. I analyze Rioters' posts from Riot's Boards, sort them by champion and topic, and you browse them with gusto. Everything here has a story, and is built from lot of patience. One thing I've learnt since 2015 - you never know what PR disaster will come through those Red Posts.

What can we expect from League of Designs ?

  • A hopefully comprehensive list of all Red Posts from Riot's North American and Public Beta Environment Boards. It's a bit like The Red Tracker you find on various websites (and the official one), with the added benefit of being sorted by champions. So you can check what CertainlyT is secretly planning for Teemo. (That's a totally innocent example.)
  • The goal is to help understand Riot's stances on champion design. League of Legends is only at the dawn of its potential awesomefulness (don't forget 'esome' !!), it's a great time to learn why Irelia will be reworked and why you couldn't just nerf/buff Darius/Garen/Mordekaiser/Skarner and get away with it. (Another utterly unbiased example.)
  • In the future, I hope to add a section about items. They're equally important to the game, and we are only starting to see more good iterations of them. I haven't studied the matter as much as I have done with Champions though.
  • I planned to find Red Posts on Reddit, but someone did it.
  • Broken CSS only on mobile !!!... maybe.
  • I will probably use this website as a blog and write some condensed Articles to streamline (I USED THAT WORD YIISSSS) things, or expose my ideas for Champion reworks, or give you the best Cookie recipe out there.

Can I help ? I have a thing or two to say about Riven.

Sure ! You can send me a mail at lolofdesigns (at) gmail (dot) com for anything ranging to feedback, wallpaper suggestion, CSS rage/protips or articles you might want to add.
Note that I haven't allowed people to register and do that themselves yet. The main reason is that I want to ensure top quality among the articles. This is not another LoLKing clone, you won't find any Champion Guide here. Or eSports related stuff. Nope.
Alternatively, you can donate a buck to support League of Designs ! I still have a lot of ideas to implement. For the price of Elementalist Lux, I can keep the server running for six months. Better yet : I can make LoD shatter your brain with her laughter, too.

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Source Code

You can check the source code for League of Designs on GitHub. It's right there.


LoD uses some slick Glyphicons, man ! Check'em out there.

Special thanks

Thanks to /u/ChimeClicker for the inspirational work that led to LoD's visual update !

Mandatory Legal Statement

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