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Great summary! One thing to note about last hitting with the W: you receive the mana and CD refund regardless of how long the dot has been on the target (including even if the DoT wasn't even applied yet!). All that matters is that the W active kills the target.

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1) The knockback increases as the shark grows bigger 2) Urchin Strike applies both Seastone Trident's passive and active (if you turned it on) 3) Yep!

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Just steal the AD from Jhin and Rengar then ;)

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Just some quick maths to do some comparisons between live and PBE Zed:

Live Zed ranks W last, gaining an additional 4/8/12/16/20% of his bonus AD per rank. At level 16, Zed will have 3 ranks in this W, granting him 12% of his bonus AD as additional AD. At this point in the game, if current Zed has his core build of Black Cleaver, Dusk Blade, Yoomus, and 10 AD from runes, he will be getting ~24 AD(195 * 0.12). In this current iteration on PBE, if level 16 Zed gets a successful Death Mark assist/kill on any target with more than 200 total AD, he gains 30 (from the target) + 5 AD.

You could argue that Zed could have more AD items at his level 16 point on live, but keep in mind we are also tuning down the raw AD stat on some of the AD items during this pre season, which means the bonus value you'd be getting with them is also lowered if we kept W's passive.

The big buff is that if PBE Zed gets a kill/assist at any point in the game with Death Mark before level 14, Shadow Reaping is strictly a buff in almost all situations even if you killed a mage. Sometimes it could net you +20 AD or more in the early/mid game if there is another AD stacker in the game like Rengar/Kha'Zix/Graves.

With all that being said, I will be watching his performance really closely and tune him up/down accordingly within the coming patches! If it turns out late game Shadow Reaping is under tuned, it's definitely on the table to be buffed :).

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Thanks for the Fizz feedback Pannanja! You'll also probably be excited to know that the Chum the Waters (R) now also applies the dot to everyone hit! Enjoy following up your Shark Attack on the target of your choice!

Thank you for the Akali suggestions as well. The thought-process here is to have her "vamp" be more bursty as opposed to an always present effect. Here's a list covering her next set of upcoming changes.

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